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The Lucais B grade give away ($18 shipping and handling)

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Only available in the USA**** 

These are Lucais wallets that didn't pass our strict quality control. We've decided to give them away. Please understand that there are no returns on these for obvious reason. It's a gift, be cool about it. 

Some have scars, some are stained some are too thick and some are too thin just to name some of the most common things that made them not pass quality control. 

It's a get what you get situation. They are mostly USD version but there are international ones as well. We will just send what we grab first. No choice of color or anything like that. 

They are stamped with B-grade so as to not get confused with the ones that have passed quality control. 

This is an easy way to try out our wallets for the price of shipping and handling. 

We hope that you get one before they are gone. 

The Lucais B grade give away ($18 shipping and handling) - JJ Leathersmith -