30 Day Trial Period

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You are unsure if this is going to be the right wallet for you. It's hard to commit without actually seeing it in person and using it.

This is why we are letting you take The Lucais Wallet home for 30 days and use it. If after it starts to break-in and you have had the time to get used to this unique style of wallet, and you decide that it isn't for you, we will give your money back (Except delivery costs. About $10 within the US and the $1 30 Day Trial Period fee) 

The hope with this service is that you will have the confidence to order a unique item and then fall in love with it after giving it a fair chance. If you decide that you still don't want to use this wallet after testing it out, we want to know what you didn't like about it so we can make adjustments and better our offer for you in the future as well as other customers.

Terms and conditions.

Purchase the wallet and use it for 30 days to get a good feel of what you think of it. After using the wallet for 30 days (counting for delivery date) you will have a 15 day period where you can contact us for a return authorization via the online chat bot on our website. You can find it in the bottom right hand corner of the website. 

You will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire with your order details as well as some questions, that we a small business will use to better our work and service with the hopes have getting our return rate to ZERO. 

After filling out the questionnaire you will be directed to a page with shipping detail and return address. We receive all returns to our Canadian headquarters. Please keep in mind that shipping cost to this address will be covered by the purchaser. 

Once the return has been received and reviewed, we will issue a refund within 15 days and we will use the responses to the questionnaire to better the experience that we offer.