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Have had the wallet now for about a week, LOVE IT! Easy to use and comfortable to carry, great smell and I've had quite a few favourable comments from people who have noticed it, This thing is going to be a wonderful part of my life for many years.. Thank you for creating this thing of beauty.

Ron Watson from down under.

JJ Leathersmith products are the most durable and best crafted leather products I have ever owned.

I wish that I would have taken a picture of the wallet that I purchased in 2016. I still use it every day and it still looks as good as the day that I purchased it.  JJ Leathersmiths products just get better with age!

Jake T

The quality of the leather and stitching, the simplicity of the design, and its ease-of-use easily make it the best wallet I've ever used. Happy to say I've found the wallet I will have in my pocket for the rest of my life. Do yourself a favor... whatever wallet you're currently using, put it in a drawer and get this one instead.

Nate Williamson

I have been looking for the right wallet for myself for a long time. All the wallets I tried seemed to either be too bulky, or too small. The Lucais wallet is the best of both worlds; it is not bulky, but still allows for cash carrying. I am really impressed with the leather as well. I am already sure that I will not need to go searching for another wallet!

Cole Barrett

Just think how good a Minimilst wallet would feel in your pocket

We are two makers who know the value of high quality mindfully-made products.

Our Team

Jonathan Jamieson

Jonathan is a highly skilled designer in the fields of leatherwork and industrial design. He has a talent for identifying problems and creating solutions that he masterfully employs in his work. He is a designer with the mind of a mechanic and the hands of a craftsmen. His unique approach to design results in pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. With his passion for creating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Jonathan creates designs that are sure to impress. He is able to design according to the demands of customers and bring his ideas to life with precision and attention to detail.

Humbi Yamberla

Humbi, with a background in the industrial leather industry, transitioned to a more handmade approach by joining JJ Leathersmith in 2014. He quickly mastered the skills of the slower, refined techniques of leatherworking and now manages the majority of production in the studio. Growing up in a tannery gave Humbi a deep understanding of leather production and usage, and he has since become a valuable member of the JJ Leathersmith team.